Dealing With Sports Injuries: Mental and Physical Challenges


Experiencing any kind of sports injury, especially before a big event or race, can be a difficult obstacle to overcome. Whether it’s the mental challenges that come with facing the fact that you may have to delay or call off your plans or the physical ones associated with the rehab and recovery process, how you deal with injuries will be one of the most important aspects of how you train. Here are a couple first hand accounts, one past and one current, of knee injuries that threatened to derail plans months in the making and how to deal with it when you find yourself in a similar situation.
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Training for the 24 Hour Cycling Challenge

Cycling out to the Great Wall

A couple of months in to the training for our 24hr cycle challenge, these are some tips and tricks we’re using to help us prepare to ride 200 miles (300km) in a day. With the help of some advice from a more experienced cyclist, we’ve put together a system that has helped us see real improvement in a short period of time, even without there being much of a cycling community in Beijing. The training has also not just been a great source of exercise, but it’s also been a fantastic way to explore more of the city and its outskirts!
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24-hour Cycle Challenge: Beijing to the End of the Great Wall

Jiumenkou- One of the only places where the Great Wall actually crosses over water.

London to Paris, Seattle to Portland, Seattle to Vancouver… these are all iconic endurance cycling challenges that get thousands of participants taking part in them from all over the world every year. While looking for a manageable adventure closer to home, I thought, why not try the same in Beijing. Read about our newest challenge- cycling the 200 miles/300km between two of China’s most iconic sights, The Forbidden City in Beijing to the Eastern Terminus of The Great Wall, in 24 hours.
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Why I Ride (and Hike and Bike)


What do adventure motorcycling, long distance hiking, and endurance cycling all have in common? More importantly, what inspires people to put themselves out there and challenge themselves in new ways? This is a post about what might drive someone to a life of adventure, to take risks, and to push themselves in ways they wouldn’t have expected they were capable of!
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A UK Road Trip – Cornwall by Motorcycle

St. Ives in Cornwall

You don’t always need a months long trip in order to have an adventure, to explore new places, and enjoy spectacular scenery. All it really takes to enjoy a “micro-adventure” is an opportunity to get away from behind your desk, the desire to explore, and a lack of cellphone reception! For the end of July, Amy and I were visiting with her family back in the UK, with a few days free we figured it would be nice to get out and see some more of the country. We ended up finding a motorcycle rental company not too far away and emailed to reserve a bike to take out for a few days and take a tour of the southern tip of England in Cornwall. This turned out to be an incredible way to visit the countryside (should there have been any doubt?) particularly during the high tourist season as
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