Why I Ride (and Hike and Bike)


What do adventure motorcycling, long distance hiking, and endurance cycling all have in common? More importantly, what inspires people to put themselves out there and challenge themselves in new ways? This is a post about what might drive someone to a life of adventure, to take risks, and to push themselves in ways they wouldn’t have expected they were capable of!
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A UK Road Trip – Cornwall by Motorcycle

St. Ives in Cornwall

You don’t always need a months long trip in order to have an adventure, to explore new places, and enjoy spectacular scenery. All it really takes to enjoy a “micro-adventure” is an opportunity to get away from behind your desk, the desire to explore, and a lack of cellphone reception! For the end of July, Amy and I were visiting with her family back in the UK, with a few days free we figured it would be nice to get out and see some more of the country. We ended up finding a motorcycle rental company not too far away and emailed to reserve a bike to take out for a few days and take a tour of the southern tip of England in Cornwall. This turned out to be an incredible way to visit the countryside (should there have been any doubt?) particularly during the high tourist season as
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The New Sportster 1200T – Acknowledgement The Sportster Can Be More Than Just A City Bike


One of the posts that we get a lot of searches landing people here at Rubber on Road is one I wrote way back in 2010 about taking a Sportster on long haul trips. We’ve gotten a lot of great comments over the years on that post from other Sportster enthusiasts voicing their agreement and sharing some stories of their own tours on Sportsters. With the right aftermarket customizations, such as a wider seat, windscreen, highway pegs, saddle bags, and a luggage rack, coupled with some of the features on later models that include the rubber mounted engine (to reduce vibrations) and the 4.5 gallon tank, the Sportster can make a great touring bike. The lighter build makes it very nimble which is great for taking it through the Tail of the Dragon or weaving through city traffic on your commute. Introducing The New Sportster Superlow 1200T Well it looks
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The Great Ride of China Video Teaser Just Released!


Well there was a lot of footage to go through after nearly 5 months on the road (we were carrying a total of about 1.3TB of data by the end, both photos and video), but we finally managed to put together a teaser/sizzle reel from all of it. Below you can see our quick 5 minute intro to The Great Ride of China, some of the challenges we faced and amazing things we saw. We hope you enjoy the video and that it succeeds in bringing you a bit closer to the amazing adventure that we had while on The Great Ride of China! If you have any problems viewing the above video, you can also watch the trailer on Vimeo or Youku.
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The Great Ride of China Recognized By Guinness World Records

Guinness has officially recognized Amy and my motorcycle ride around China for being the longest continuous motorcycle ride in a single country! We just found out a few days ago and have shared the news on our dedicated trip website over at The Great Ride of China. Here’s the quote from Guinness’ website: The longest journey by motorcycle in a single country is 33,357.15 km (20,727.13 miles) and was achieved by Buck Perley (USA) and Amy Mathieson (UK) who rode throughout China from 19 July to 11 December 2013. The duo’s journey took 146 days and took them through all of China’s provinces. The motorcycle used was a Chinese CFMOTO CF650-TR.
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