Toronto-Lake Placid (1)

So after about three months of having the bike out of winger storage and only two “long distance” trips (one being 100 miles round trip and another was to Wasaga Beach for a long weekend, but more about those later) I’m finally out on a real touring trip, and one that I haven’t done before.

Right now I’m sitting in the wolf-island ferry terminal waiting for the three o’clock ferry to New York. It took me about four hours to go the roughly 200 km from Toronto to Kingston. My originally planned route was to take route 2/Kingston road all the way to Kingston. I had looked up this route in my H.O.G. touring guide which marked pretty much all of rt. 2 as a scenic route. The one problem though is that google maps estimated the time for what should be around a six hour trip into a nearly ten hour one.

Initially this didn’t bother me much. As most riders will probably agree with, I wanted to avoid the major highways (the 401 on this case) and 2 looked like it would be a nice ride. So I thought I’d wake up early and go for it.

The way I got to the highway was to take the Gardiner east to lake shore which leads into Kingston road. As soon as I got there though there was nothing but lights and traffic. This made me regret not having just gone up to the 401 and take it out farther where rt. 2 wouldn’t be so busy. At that point it was too late so I thought I’d just wait it out until it opened up more. maybe I just got impatient, but it never really did. So finally I just took a turn off onto the 401 where finally instead of moving at 70 km/h I could hit 125.

Well I thought I’d stay on there until I saw the next exit for rt. 2. I saw after maybe 20 minutes but it was on simcoe road. This kind of confused me most of all because it was going north south rather than east west. I had to ask for directions twice before getting back on track and once I was it was more of the same slow moving traffic through towns. After this, and checking a map in a gas station in bellville which showed many more towns, I decided to stay on the 401 until a town called Napanee about 30 km out of Kingston and I must say that that stretch of rt. 2 was very nice. My experience on the 401 wasn’t that unpleasant either. Once you’re out of the city and away from the four lane and express lanes section of the highway, the 401 is definitely tolerable.

Now as I sit here waiting for ferry I can only hope that my little detours ended up saving me time rather than costing me it. I also cannot wait for the final leg of the trip along the winding roads of the Adirondacks.

Gas count:
First fill up before leaving 15 bucks at 1.31 perliter 89 unleaded
Second after 120 miles 12 bucks at 1.30 per liter 89 unleaded

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