Las Vegas, NV-San Diego, CA (Day 9)

August 25th
Miles 2574-2920

Pretty long day today, but we were out pretty early, around 9:30. It was still hot though, very hot. I decided just to ride with a long sleeve, long underwear top to keep some of the air off of me rather than the black leather jacket (in retrospect that was pretty lucky cause the jacket would be awful in the traffic we’d later get caught in). I had the bandanna wrapped around my neck again, but without the jacket i started to lose it and ended up having to hold it in my hand for about 20 miles.

The riding was still pretty tiring and slow going, I made sure to stop every 60 miles and rehydrate myself. Luckily no problems with my health or the bike today, but on top of the heat there was a lot of wind and I was getting thrown all over my lane. My friends in the car behind me said they could see me really moving in the wind. There was also a point where we were driving towards two giant rainclouds on either side of the road, which I couldn’t decide would be a bad thing or extremely refreshing. In the end, the road led right in between the two clouds and I got through with only a few drops of rain landing on me.

Then, it was after L.A. when we started to hit some really bad traffic. Luckily, I didn’t have my jacket on and the weather around San Diego is much cooler then it had been the rest of the day. After sitting in traffic for maybe an hour I followed the car to some roads that kind of took as around the traffic until we finally made it. And what a better entrance to my finally destination then to go to an NFL Preseason game, Chargers vs. Seahawks!

Charger's Game

Charger's Game

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