San Diego

August 26-29
Miles 0

Time to take a few days to relax before heading back homeward. There was actually a lot to do though, things to take care of before I was ready to put another 3000 miles on the bike. If you look back through the previous entries of the trip you’ll see that I added pictures, maps, and streamlined things a bit. I also had to do laundry and groceries for the way back. One of the more important things I had to do was take care of the bike and make sure it was alright. Since randy from mile high harley suggested I have my back tire tread looked at, I brought the bike by the dealership in San diego.

Turned out my tread was very low but the dealership was charging upwards of 200 for the tire and replacement and I also needed my oil changed. They suggested another place, Cycle Visions, that might be cheaper. So I stopped by and they were cheaper but not by much. I decided to have them do the oil change I needed to because it turned out that after oil, filter, and disposal, which I’d have to buy anyway, it was only 18 bucks. All said and done I was looking at 400 bucks… I also asked them to see if they could figure out what the tinkling sound in the engine was (it was still doing it since Colorado). One guy took it around the block there, said he couldn’t hear it but would have the service guys try as well.

So while that was being taken care of I took care of my errands and enjoyed myself too hanging out with my friends, going to the beach, and checking out the San diego zoo.

The bike was supposed to be done the day after I brought it in and when I didn’t get a call I started getting a bit nervous. Then the next day they called me and told me that there was something wrong with the break and they couldn’t figure it out. I told them about my air bubble issue and how grand junction harley told me it had come out when it started working again… Evidently it hadn’t.

So after a couple days of worrying, the day before I was planning to leave, and a total of $512 dollars later (thank god for credit cards) the bike was ready: oil changed, new rear tire, and brake fluid changed. And wouldn’t you know, after driving the bike back, no more tinkling sound.

So after getting everything done, my friends and I had a big BBQ for my last night, watched a movie, and I packed up to go in the morning.

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