Toronto-Lake Placid (2)

So overall my weekend trip to Lake Placid was very successful. Especially once I got all the kinks worked out of the route, it turned out to be a great ride.

I ended up getting a little lost after wolf island once I entered New York but managed to work it out just fine. Wolf Island itself was also a really nice ride. It was about a 20 minute ride on a two lane highway through farm land.

Had an interesting experience with one of the locals there too. I had realized after a couple of minutes that one of my saddle bag straps was lose so I pulled into the entrance of a driveway to fix it. I left the engine idling and got off. There was a big dog on the porch of the house farther down the driveway that was barking at me. After a little while just as I was about ready to get back on the bike a woman comes out and starts yelling at me to fuck off. Well that pissed me off cause I hadn’t even revved the engine. So I gave her the finger, she returned the favor and I drove off. Funny the attitude some people have towards bikers…

After not too much longer, I arrived in the Adirondacks and wow, what perfect motorcycle country! You can smell the difference of the fresh mountain air, the roads are relatively empty, and the curves are very numerous and a lot of fun. After the 8 or so hours it took me to get there, once I was in the park, I felt like I could’ve ridden for another 8 hours. Of the routes I’ve driven in my roughly 7000 miles, the Adirondacks is definitely my favourite. You can really tell how motorcycle friendly a place is by how many bikes are around and Lake Placid was full of them and bikes of all kinds: sports bikes, smaller cruisers, and full on touring bikes.

Needless to say, I was a bit sad to leave the roads of upstate New York but it was alright as I had better idea of the route I’d be taking back. I had a quick drive up I-80 after I left the park which was only about 30 miles until 1000 Island bridge over to Canada. I then took the quick route to Bellville via the 401. There i met a friend and found why rt. 2 was a recommended road. Between Bellville and Port Hope on Rt. 2 was great. There was not the numerous towns that slowed me down so much on the way out and it was just generally a great motorcycle road. You also pass by Canada’s largest air base in Trenton which is a pretty cool site (there’s also an adjacent museum with some cool old planes, definitely worth a drive by). My friend and I got off rt. 2 a little early as it started to rain a bit and hopped on the 401 the rest of the way to Toronto.

Overall a really nice ride. It was pretty liesurely and there were lots of bits that could be done on their own for shorter weekend rides if you’re in the area. I also hear that the drive around Prince Edward County is supposed to be worth a try, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time this go around.

My route from Toronto to Lake Placid:

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My Route from Lake Placid to Toronto:

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