Toronto, ON-Sterling State Park, MI (Day 1)

Detroit, so scenic...

Detroit, so scenic...

August 17th
Miles 0 to 271

I decided a few months ago that when I was done with summer classes that I was going to take my sportster for a ride across the country to see some friends in San Diego. I’m going to be keeping a daily journal, trying to keep the blog as up to date as possible. Pictures and maps will be posted hopefully in the middle and end of the trip.

Well of course my adventure had to start out with a little excitement I was maybe a couple hours outside of Toronto on the 403, nothing of significance happening other then some traffic, when I saw far down the road a very dark rain cloud. This wasn’t just an average ominous rain cloud because underneath it was also almost completely black, a splotch of blueish-black on an otherwise relatively peaceful sky.

The darkness underneath was clearly all the rain that was being dropped by the cloud on whatever and whoever was below. As the highway kept leading me towards it, sometimes turning away as if we’d avoid it sometimes curving straight towards the center of the cloud, I started to see bolts of lightening. That was my signal to start to keep an eye out for an overhang or service station to put on raingear or wait out the storm.

Then all of a sudden I had met up with the cloud. It was so sudden and so intense that it was like hitting a wall. Within 30 seconds I had slowed down by 30 mph and the rain was so thick that I could only make out the headlights and the back window of the car that was at most two car lengths ahead of me.

Finally after about 5 minutes with my feet already swimming in my boots, I found an exit with a gas station and coffee shop. So I pulled in, parked, and as soon as I was in the entrance and sheltered of course the rain died down to a drizzle. I decided then to go back outside where I literally dumped the water out of my boots and wrang out my shoes.

After having a coffee while I waited for the sun to come back out, I went outside and gave my socks another thorough wringing. A couple ladies had seen all the water that i got out and seemed to be pretty impressed as they didn’t even know it had rained! Then they got their sons to take a look at how much I got out of the other sock (they weren’t as interested) and told me they wished they had some spare socks to give me. I laughed, told them thanks but I’d be fine, and headed towards the border.

It was relatively smooth sailing from there. Other than the characteristically long wait to cross the American border, where I kept myself entertained by watching the drug sniffing dog hop into a couple trunks (both false alarms), I went not too much farther south and pulled into a state park campground for the night. Now I’m hoping to get an early start tomorrow and put some more miles behind me.

A red moon at my first campsite

A red moon at my first campsitethe against the sunset

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