Sterling State Park, MI to Lincoln Trail State Park, IL (Day 2)

August 18
Miles 271-662

When I hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2005, there were people known to us hikers as trail angels. Trail angels were people who went completely out of their way to do something nice for a thru-hiker. People gave money, gave snacks, fed entire meals, gave rides, left coolers of beer and soda on the trail, and some even opened up their homes for us hikers to clean and sleep. Well turns out that there are trail angels for bikers too!

This morning after I took a shower at the campground, I was walking back to the site when I was offered a cup of coffee by a kid and his grandfather. So I walked over to their camper, sat down, and before I knew it I had coffee, cereal, and breakfast cake placed in front of me. So I stayed eating, drinking, and chatting with this man and his daughter’s family for a bit. They were all very nice and were from the area just out on a weekend camping trip.

I was finally packed up and gone by 11 (another late start, gonna have to work on that), and had a very enjoyable, but long, ride through Ohio and Indiana. It was nice to have a break from the big superhighways I’d stuck to yesterday. Rt. 127 south through Ohio was a very straight but nice road that went by lots of cornfields. 40 west across Indiana was pretty similar just not quite as monotonously straight. Both went through their fair share of towns which slowed things down quite a bit, but looking back probably helped to relax the ride a bit.

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