Lincoln Trail State Park, IL-Lawrence, KS (Day 3)

August 19th
Miles 662-1120

It definitely pays to have am early start. I had to make a lot of miles today and I was going to meet a friend tonight, so I didn’t want to show up too late. A close friend of my girlfriend’s is a student at Kansas University so I had planned to meet up with her on my way to California.

I went all the way through Illinois on route 40 today, and it was better than yesterday (even though my map book didn’t mark it that way). There were more cornfields (and what were probably plenty if accompanying ethanol plants…), more curves in the road, less towns, and because I left early, less cars on the road.

Eventually the road joined up with I-70 and went through St. Louis. I had never been and there was a great view of the iconic arch famous in St. Louis from the highway as we approached. The road also went right by Busch Stadium.

After going through all of Missouri and Kansas City, I made it to the university in great time, by about 5:30. I met up with my friend Johana and a friend of hers for dinner, wings! Then I cleaned up a bit, changed, and got a tour of Kansas University, home of the Jayhawks! I got to see a bit of the orientation week festivities before having to head to bed early… got an even longer day tomorrow when I meet my brother in Boulder, Colorado.

Helmet Cam

Helmet CamEthanol Plant

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