Urban Riding

It’s difficult living in a city when all you want to do is ride your motorcycle indefinitely on an open road, with no particular destination in mind. I’m don’t think I’m alone when I say that is the ideal ride. And once you get a taste, nothing else will suffice.

It is possible, however, to find some decent rides in most urban settings. And there is a certain appeal to discovering such a route in the mess of a city center. I’m certain many of us would get a lot of use from some sort of route database for motorcycles that covered urban centers. I’ll be posting some of my favorite routes inside Toronto, starting with one of the best. I’d encourage anyone to share their favorite routes in whatever city they have knowledge of.

Rosedale Valley Rd / Bayview Ave / Pottery Rd

One of the most scenic routes in the downtown core. Beginning just east of Yonge St. off of Church St., Rosedale Valley road is a two lane through a valley whose towering trees will make you think you are far from the city. It has several good turns but getting stuck behind a slow moving car can be a drag.

Take this until it ends at Bayview Ave. Turning left will lead you onto a spacious 70km/h limit road under the Bloor Viaduct, past the Don Valley Brick Works (a great place to stop for photos), and through the Don Valley. After a couple turns you will come to a light at Pottery Rd. The right lane will merge into Pottery and become a two lane, up and down, curvy road up the east ridge of the valley. Pottery will hit a light at Broadview where you’ll want to stop at the Dairy Queen on the north west corner. Chances are you’ll meet other riders there who have just done the same route, and there is a killer view to be enjoyed from the picnic tables behind the parking lot. Now turn around and take the same route home!

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