Colorado Springs, CO to Lawrence, KS (Day 13)

September 2nd
Miles 4157-4718

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Long tedious day today, time to get those long endless plains of Kansas out of the way again, back to visit my friend at Kansas University.

Weather was not on my side today. Clouds had been coming in over Colorado Springs and when I first started out on the road, it was freezing. I ended up having to throw on long underwear top and bottoms, a sweatshirt and my leather jacket for my top, and my rain pants to keep the wind off as much as possible. Then the flat plains started in Eastern Colorado. I’ve decided that the weather condition that I dislike the most, more than heat or rain, is extreme wind. With wind you get thrown all around your lane and at times I would have to mantain a constant lean as if I was turning just to counteract the wind. So there’s also the danger that not only could the wind push you out of your lane but also that it could suddenly stop and you’ll find yourself turning when you don’t want to. All this fighting with the wind gets really tiring as I’m trying to keep my body rigid. My neck especially would get tired as I could feel the wind pushing me sometimes by my head all of a sudden. Finally, it makes the drive a lot more expensive as my gas mileage got a lot worse. The one thing that kind of helped was to draft behind trucks. A truck will help to block out some of the wind but it’s really unlikely that you’ll be heading directly into the wind for very long which means that you still get hit on the sides. I found that it did give me another 10 miles or so out of my gas which was nice. Eventually though I made it out as I got into the more densly populated area in the east. So after a long, windy day I made it to my last planned stop before Toronto!

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