Lawrence, KS to Silver Lake Rest Area, IL (Day 14)

September 3rd
Miles 4718-5040

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I’m pretty sure that I’m bringing bad weather wherever I go. The past two nights when I got to my destinations, Colorado Springs and Lawrence, whatever bad weather I’d been having was not there when I arrived. Both place had clear skies and very warm. Then as it got later, the temperature would drop and the wind would pick up a lot. This morning when I woke up, and the same with in Colorado, clouds had come in and the temperature was 10-20 degrees colder then the people there were used to.

So with yesterday morning in mind, I bundled up with all the layers from yesterday. Good thing I did too because I got rained on the entire day up until maybe the last hour. On top of that the wind was still extremely strong for the first half of my drive. But today I was just trying to do some miles. So eventhough the weather was unpleasant, I got the driving done, usually driving in another cars tracks when the rain got bad.

My campsite for the night is a highway rest area. I didn’t really want to pay for a floor to put my sleeping bag on and I figured I’d save time by not having to look off the highway for a place. So a cement floor with a little roof above it seemed to be the perfect fit. Now I just hope that the weather doesn’t keep following me…

Also as a point of interest, it looks like I don’t have my passport. I’m pretty sure I left it in San Diego when I was emptying my windshield bag to bring the bike to the shop. I just gotta keep my fingers crossed that it is and that I can cross into Canada with just my drivers license.

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