red molly gets tossed

so i was enjoying some white wine last night with a friend and my girlfriend when we heard knocking on my apartment door. my neighbours were at the door, and asked if i had left my motorcycle on its side.

you can imagine the thoughts that went through my head at that moment, made worse by the alcohol coursing through my veins.

the bike was lying on its side, the opposite side as the kickstand. the prognosis: someone pushed it over or hit it with a car. after closer inspection i ruled out the car as the culprit, as there were no marks to indicate that was the case.

the damage: broken right side rear view mirror, throttle grip no longer grips – it just spins round and round, and some minor scratches.

what i want to pass on to anyone reading: don’t ever, under any condition, sit or play on someone’s motorcycle. the love for one’s motorcycle can not be compared to a car – it is much stronger. i can not tell you how angry i’d be if i caught the person(s) who did this. so please, admire the bikes from afar. don’t ever touch.

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