Speedometer cable troubleshooting

As I recently mentioned, my speedometer suddenly stopped working. Browsing the internet and my owners manual didn’t offer much help, so I sought aid from a gent at a nearby parts store. I hope you find the following info helpful and relevant.

The first step is to disconnect the cable from the back of the instrument panel. The cable runs from the back of the speedometer to the front wheel. You will only need pliers for this.
Now, with the cable free from your instrument panel, spin the front wheel by either pushing the bike or getting the wheel off the ground and manually turning it.

If the speedometer cable spins, the problem is in your instrument panel. The cheapest solution is most likely replacing the speedometer or entire instrument panel if necessary.

If the speedometer cable does not spin there are two likely problems: either the cable has broken and needs to be replaced, or the cable has become disconnected at the front wheel.

Detach the cable from the front wheel. For this I only needed a Phillips head screw driver. Once that is done it should be obvious if the cable is broken. Pull either end of the cable – if it detaches you need to replace the cable. It may also be broken at the front wheel tip – it should have a gap or a slit to fit a tab in. If either side of the gap is broken you will need to replace the cable.

If the cable appears to be intact, it has most likely become detached at the front wheel. This is a bit more finnicky but by no means too difficult. There is a tab that sticks out of the front wheel where the speedometer cable connects. This has to be properly inserted into the right end of the cable. I found this easiest to do with the help of a friend (aren’t most things?). Fit the cable into the tab and, while keeping the cable taut with the front wheel, reattach it to the instrument panel. It is important that no slack is allowed during this process as the cable will easily detach at the front wheel.

You should be good to ride aware of your speed now! If the processes above did not solve your problem, it is possible that the tab at the front wheel is the problem, which would require the help of a knowledgeable mechanic. In the Greater Toronto Area I recommend either Cycleworld Superstore at 4545 Sheppard Ave East or Ontario Cycle Salvage at 1570 Kingston Rd.

Safe travels!

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