Toronto to Buffalo

My father and brother are NFL fans. Every year, on the weekend of my dads birthday, we take him to Buffalo to catch a Bills game. This year I decided to ride the motorcycle down.

I was doing some work in the Halton Hills area with the Bruce Trail hiking club so my day started very early – I was on the road at 6 am. I was heading north on the DVP when I realized my speedometer wasn’t working. Odd, I thought, as it was working fine the previous day.

It was nice riding without much traffic to the 401, west to Trafalgar and north to 10th line, all the while measuring my speed by that of other cars around me. There was a fog lingering just above the farmers fields that made me regret leaving my DSLR.
I worked till 3 then began the trip to buffalo, taking Winston Churchill Blvd south to the 403 where I was supposed to meet with my dad and brother. They were delayed several hours and suggested I continue on and we’d meet near the border, so I decided to take the Niagara wine region tour. For those of you who have done this trip before you know how beautiful the area and the ride is on a gorgeous day. I’ll post a map of my route when I’m home.

After the wine tour, and still with time to kill, I headed to Niagara Falls. Despite the pedestrian and car traffic this is a sweet ride. There are many groups you can hook up with for short rides and the scenery doesn’t disappoint. Even the plethora of tourist based attractions have a peverse appeal.

Finally at 7:30, I got a call that my family had arrived at the Queenston-Lewiston bridge into the USA. I followed my dad and bro through the border customs, where the guard said they warned him I was transporting a ‘green, leafy substance’. Thankfully he was kidding (yes, some of them do have a sense of humor), then he started talking about motorcycles, suggesting I check out the Suzuki Boulevard.

Finally pulled into the Lord Amherst hotel (highly recommended and affordable) around 9 pm. Picked up a pizza and wings at ‘La Nova’ and cracked some beers, settling in for a relaxing night before the game!

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