New York City to Daytona

This is from an e-mail from my Dad who rides a Harley Davidson ’05 Dyna Wide Glide. Thought I’d share his trip, sounded like a lot of fun and I can’t express how jealous I am.

The trip to Daytona was both fun and arduous. Fun going down: temperatures in the 70’s, clear, little wind. Toward the end of the first day (Tues.14th) there was a beautiful sky full of pink clouds as we rolled through N. Carolina to a motel in Fayetteville after 600+ miles. The next day was much the same although warmer as we got further south. Heavy traffic in Jacksonville. 80 more miles and we were in Ormond Beach (remember?). the first thing we did was to stop for beer and festivities at the Iron Horse Tavern (remember?). Got to the flea bag of a motel after some wrong turns. The address was 500 N. Atlantic Ave. which turned out to be south of S. Atlantic Ave.!!
I was riding with 2 Hoggers from NYC: Keith is an ex-marine and bus driver 62 yrs and very mechanical and good with directions. Krit is 34, Thai and a photographer, rides a Springer Soft Tail. I rode in the middle on my Wide Glide. We met two other members – Little John and Irish Tommy – down there.
The whole area was swarming with bikes, including a lot of choppers which I’m sure were trucked or trailered in for the most part. Three principal locations: the Rossmeyer dealership (remember?), Main Street, Daytona Beach, and the Daytona Speedway. We hung out for two days at all three bumping shoulders with an incredible menagerie of bikers. I got some Kuryakyn footpegs w stirrups, shiftpeg and a Mustang Sissy Bar pad for my taller bar.
Starting back on Sat. am the weather shifteded on us somewhere in Georgia. Rainsuits! Wasn’t hard, but it did slow us down. As the day wore on it got colder and dark. We were dead tired and cold when we got into Fayetteville. Keith remembered the exit and got us to the same EconoLodge. Unfortunately, the was a reunion for Fayetteville College in town and there were no more rooms at our motel or any others in town. So we had to chug nine more miles up the road to a Day’s Inn whose restaurant closed as we were checking in! We had to walk across the highway for a Quiznos’ dinner.
Sunday morning. Cold. We had to find someplace to buy long johns. Every gas stop meant hot chocolate and effort to shed the shivers. We didn’t eat lunch so stopped for early dinner at 5:30. Then on into the dark and colder riding. We finally decided with 170+ miles to go for NYC that we’d stop, make our explanatory phone calls and do the last leg in the morning. The first motel we tried didn’t have heat. Second one did.
At 6:30am the next day there was frost on the seats of the bikes! The next 2 hrs. before the sun got high enough in the sky to warm things up were so cold I thought that my teeth might crack. We took a long break around 9 to recover and made the rest of the run in heavy rush hour traffic up the NJ Turnpike, 440 to 278 on Staten Island and for me and Krit the BQE to Brooklyn where I took the McGuiness exit to the Pulaski Bridge and home at 10:30. The cats were there to greet me.
Ciao, Papa

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