Thornhill, ON ride (right outside Toronto)

The weather this past Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in Toronto was beautiful, clear sunny skies and temperatures in the low to mid 20’s (low 70’s Farenheit). So I took the opportunity to go for a nice little ride outside of the city. I had a friend from the thornhill area who wanted to ride on the Harley, so I picked him up and he was able to show me some nice country roads in the area. I liked it so much that I took my girlfriend for a ride there the next day. I’m a fan of taking the Don Valley Parkway up there, the traffic wasn’t too bad (I got pretty lucky for some parts though) and it’s actually quite pretty this time of year with all the leaves changing color. Once you’re out in the Elgin Mill road area, there are lots of little roads that could probably be explored as well, so look at this loop more as a guideline. Have fun exploring and enjoy the last weeks of riding weather!

Unfortunately, the google maps aren’t working quite so well with wordpress at the moment, so here’s the link to the map for now.

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