Why I Hate Electronic Instrument Panels

I recently bought a 1985 Honda Magna v45. I love the bike, but it was my first with an electronic instrument panel. The biggest difference between it and my previous bike, a 1983 Kawasaki 440 LTD, is the electronic low-fuel indicator as opposed to the reserve tank method.

I was a bit wary of the electronic low-fuel light when I made my purchase, but it was all in good working order so it was quickly off my mind.

Last night I was riding one of my favorite loops in Toronto and had just pulled on to the DVP when the bike started to chug and lose power. I managed to pull it off on the shoulder and started to assess the problem. I quickly realized the tank was bone dry. There was no previous indication that I was low on fuel. A few quick calls and my Dad came to the rescue (again, thanks Dad!).

What really irritated me was that there was absolutely no warning. I know I should be on top of my gas level, but with the speedometer still inoperable it’s a little difficult to gauge distance travelled. Guaranteed I’ll never let the tank get less than half full.

When I had the analog “reserve tank” method, I never had a problem. It is idiot proof and seemingly an infallible indicator. Why go the electronic route when it is so prone to error?

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