So this is something that happened to me a couple of weeks ago, just haven’t had a chance to put it up post about it yet. I work at a restaurant and monday nights I take my bike to work. Usually, when I’m finished work at around 1am I’ll give someone a ride home. This one friend of mine took a lot of convincing to get her on a motorcycle. I got the typical warnings to be extra careful and not go too fast (things I try to do anyway) as well as some strange questions like if she would fall off if she didn’t hold on to me or if she would get ear damage from the pipes. But, as usually happens to people who think bikes are scary, she had a great time.

It was either the second or the third time that I was driving this friend of mine home, everything went smoothly; no traffic at that time of night and very few red lights. I turn the corner and pull up in front of her apartment and as I’m up on the curb taking my feet off the pegs, getting ready to put the bike into neutral and put the kickstand down, my left foot lurches back as if caught on something. That little lurch was enough to start tilting the bike over and by that point I could tell that my foot was caught on something and there was nothing I could do. So I dropped the bike. It happened in slow motion and all I could think in my head is “oh boy, I’m gunna get it from Lisa for this one.”

In the end everything was alright. The two of us were just laying on the ground for a minute laughing about the fall. I managed to get the bike up and, thanks to the engine guard, without any scratches anywhere. Anyway, the moral of the story is to make sure the loops of your shoelaces aren’t too big because they can get caught and especially with a big cruiser like mine, there’s not much you can do to stop a fall. We were just lucky it didn’t happen at a red light!