Towed! (revisited)

So after a long process of asking around at several offices and websites, I managed to discover the actual process to dispute and get a refund for a tow. It was not, as I initially was advised, to file a complaint with the small claims court. It turned out that this process would have cost nearly as much as what I was trying to get back not counting the time to fill out paper work and go to court.

I first emailed and, after no response, called the Toronto parking authority about the situation to settle out of court and it turns out that there is an address to which you can write to request an investigation. So I wrote out a letter and made copies of all my receipts and the ticket and sent it in to the parking authority. Less than a week later I got a call that my complaint was received and an investigation would be opened.

To save people the trouble that I went through here is the address. Be sure to include a full description of your situation, copies of all relevant paperwork, and all contact information. Good luck!

Parking Enforcement East
1500 Don Mills Road 6th floor
North York, ON M3B 3K4
Attn: Unit Commander

An interesting point about the two parking tickets I got (both I wanted to fight), they both got cancelled! I found this out when I went to metro hall to fight the second one and when the information was entered I was told that the ticket was cancelled and the first ticket had been taken out of the system. Don’t know what happened, but I definitely lucked out.

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