My dream for an Iron …

I took a trip to the Toronto Harley Davidson dealership the other day, excited to see and take a seat on the Iron 883. There was a stock Nightster, a Nightster with custom paint and raised handle bars … but where was the Iron?

One of the staff informed me that they had a total of three coming to the dealership this year. Two had already sold (before they made it to the dealership) and the other hadn’t arrived yet. “It will sell before it gets here,” he assured me. “And we won’t be getting any others this year. It has a small production because it was announced so late in the season.”

Well, surely the other dealerships will have more selection. There is one in Oshawa that is twice the size of the Toronto location.

Nope. A quick check of their current inventory again reveals a few Nightsters but no Iron.

My dream for an Iron is dashed. At least this year.

Kitty corner to the Harley dealership is the Triumph dealership. If I had to choose another name it would certainly be Triumph. They have a great selection of cruisers in the same price range as the Iron, and an excellent feature on their website that lets you ‘Create your Triumph‘ – you can choose the bike, the color and the accessories, and it will build the bike on the screen for you and list the total price. Once you have built your Triumph you can email it, save it as your wallpaper, or print out the details. This is one feature every motorcycle website should have!

So, after some deliberation, I am proud to present to you my new bike this year (hopefully) – the Triumph America:


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