A day at the track

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A friend of mine today was taking his bike to the Toronto Motorsport Park outside of Hamilton, and he invited me along. It was my first time at a track and, despite being vastly outnumbered my being on a cruiser and everyone riding some sort of sports/racing bike, it was a lot of fun.

My friend Geoff had completely customized his own bike doing his own paint job and even fabricating from scratch certain parts of the fairing. The were lots of different types of bikes at the track. There were both old and new bikes. Many, like Geoff, had been worked on by their owners and converted to race, others were people’s own street bikes with the various adjustments needed to make them track-worthy. The park also had a drag racing track where everything from motorcycles to pick up trucks could race. Some of the muscle cars that were out had some of the loudest engines I’ve ever heard. And in the back, I could also see a dirt bike track.

The park itself was in Haldimand County in Ontario and it seemed to have some very nice scenics rides that I would highly recommend if ever in the area. The weather being nice today (a rarity this summer), there were a lot of bikes out on the road particularly in this area, curvy roads, farmland, and not much traffic made for a very nice day of riding (even though I got a little lost). Some roads I would recommend are Rt. 3 (Talbot Road), Rt. 6, Haldimand Hwy 54, and Haldimand Rd. 17 which goes along the river.

(Pictures coming soon)

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