Riding Retro Style from the WSJ

I came across this article a while back in the Wall Street Journal.The author talks about the fact that auto and motorcycle manufacturers seem to be exploring throwback designs and models more in recent years (aiming for a look reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s). In particular, he talks about the H-D Iron 883, Triumph Scrambler, and the Moto Guzi V7 Classic. He test rode all three and gives a review of each (what a job!). It seems the author’s favorite, despite an issue with starting up, is the Moto Guzi V7 Classic.

I’m a sportster man myself. I think it’s interesting though that, it being the smallest Harley model available, the sportster is marketed as a beginner, short city ride kind of bike, with the right adjustments made for comfort and cargo space, it can be used as a touring bike with a lot of kick because of its lighter weight.

Read some tips on how to customize your sportster for longer trips.

I also really like the idea of the retro style. I’ve always been interested, if I were to somehow come upon some extra cash, in getting an old, used Indian bike. I find the stripped down look of older styles in general very appealing, plus having a retro company just adds to the fun!

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