Dumb Way Round

I just read this great article about two self-professed “Idiot Norwegians” cruising the world on 73 year old antique bikes designed for military use. Their website is hilarious: “We going out there again, putting McGregor and Boorman to shame, those girlie-men who did such a rough trip driving from London to New York on new BMW GS bikes and with massive support. Unlike McGregor and Boorman we ride our usual two 1937 Nimbuses with sidecars, and there’s minimal support along the way. We also ride twice their distance, don’t call it quits when reaching The Big Apple, but continue all the way around The World.”

And this line from the “The Journey” page: “The reason we will circle The Earth going eastwards is that thereby we will slow Earth’s rotation – a bit – with the power of our motorcycles.”

Have to respect these guys, attempting such an arduous trip with such a humorous approach! You can follow them via GPS here and make a donation to them here.

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