What tools do you carry on your motorcycle?

When I recently bought my used Kawasaki Vulcan through a private sale, I was amazed to find out the previous owner wasn’t aware of the tool kit located on the bike. These tools can save you from a tight spot, from ruining a day, and quite possibly from an expensive towing bill. Many bikes come with a set of tools but they are often incomplete and need to be supplemented.

For mine, the essentials include a multi-head/swivel screwdriver, a compact set of wrenches, a crescent wrench, a spark plug remover, wheel removal tool, and a flashlight. Depending on the ride, I might take more with me, including a tire plug kit (remember to exercise extreme caution while riding with a patched tire – stay under 40km/h), an assortment of nuts and bolts, motorcycle jumper cables, and some extra fuel line.

Different drivers and different bikes require different tools.

What tools find themselves in your service kit?

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