Note from NYC Hog Director on HOT

And from the NYC HOG chapter’s Director, Little Al, on the trip to Milwaukee for HOT:

Hello fellow HOGs,
I just want to give you all a brief summary of the officers training in Milwaukee last week.
Six of us went: Tony, Bill, Mike, Nick, Postman and me. 3 of us rode, 3 flew. I won’t say who did what but those of us that rode went from temps in the 80’s to temps in the 30’s on the ride out. We also had about 3 hours of freezing rain in Ohio, 2 hours of light snow in Indiana and topped it off with 30 minutes of hail in Illinois. Yep, it was a fun ride, lol
This was the best training so far, less focused on the rules and guidelines we operate under (the National Chapter Charter and the HOG Handbook) and was really about the nitty gritty of chapter operations. We all learned a great deal on how to make the chapter better and most importantly, more fun for all of us.
Personally I was thrilled & proud to represent our chapter among the 24 countries represented at POT (Primary Officers Training) in Milwaukee. For the first time ever chapters around the world were invited to attend POT here in America, previously they had their own training in Europe. We met HOG members from all over the world and even gained a few members, from France, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Scotland & Lebanon. The world’s greatest HOG chapter in the world’s greatest city just got a little bit better!
I had the opportunity to sit down and talk one on one with Benny Suggs (General Manager of HOG, their top dog) and National HOG has some exciting announcements they’ll be making over the next few months. I also got the chance to have a face to face with the CEO of Harley Davidson, Keith Wandell. Although Keith wouldn’t let me in on any new products or major changes (damn!) he did tell me that we can expect some big changes for the better over the next few years. Still, even when pressed, he wouldn’t give a clue on when water cooled motors would be hitting the showrooms. I also talked to both these guys about something that may bring HD to New York City later this year in a unique way and I expect to hear from one or both of them over the next weeks. If it turns out to be a go I’ll spill the beans, lol
Anyway, I was glad to go and learn about how to make our chapter better and more fun and was honored to be there as director of our very own New York City HOG Chapter!
PS: I know it’s a few weeks away, but please plan on being at the next monthly meeting at the Dealership on Wednesday May 5th at 7 PM. We’ll be having two special guests you won’t want to miss in addition to a few important announcements including our chapter’s critical participation in a Nation-wide event in June for the Military (nope, not Rolling Thunder) and the final details on BABC.
See you all there & hopefully before…
Little Al Panzella
Director – New York City HOG
Road Captain, Tail-Gunner

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