Day Four: Horse Cove Campground to New Orleans

August 31st miles
Miles 920-1600

I forgot how cold it can get in the mountains! Had to put on extra gear this morning when I set out to stay warm. Other than the cold though, it was a nice ride with plenty of windy roads left through the mountains especially nice as the fog hadn’t lifted yet.

One of the things I really like about these kinds of rides across the U.S. is that you get to see how the terrain changes. Today I went through Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. So in one day there were the big mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina which started to flatten out in Alabama until I dropped down into the Pearl River delta with wetlands and eventually the Gulf Coast.

Since this is my first time to New Orleans, tomorrow I’m going to take the day off. Staying in a hostel now (that took forever to find! Something was seriously wrong with google maps and the labeling of streets in this city) and tomorrow going to wander around and see the sites. Also going to be meeting up with a friend I haven’t seen in years that just happens to be going to school in Baton Rouge.

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