Day Two: Roanoke; Disaster Strikes

Bad news today when we head out this morning. We had another pretty big day, including the Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee. We left the hotel at about 8 or 8:30 and as we were pulling out onto the interstate, all of a sudden Brent and Pam pulled off onto the shoulder. He said that as he went into 5th gear the engine started cutting out.

After looking the bike over Brent tried to run it again and we noticed some smoke coming out of a drainage pipe in the front. So Brent took off the air filter and we saw smoke coming off the carbs and oil dripping out.

We thought that if he was burning oil, it would be bad to try and ride it anymore in case the oil ran out and the engine seized. So I went off to find a repair shop that could tow the bike. Unfortunately, it being Sunday and being in a small town, everything was closed. So finally after about an hour and a half, Pam and Brent sitting in the sun on the side of the road the whole time, I managed to get a tow truck to come out. For a pretty hefty price, we then took the bike to the nearby Kawasaki dealership where we parked it til someone could look at it on Monday.

The rest of the day was just spent sorting things out back in the hotel. Most of the planning couldn’t be figured out until we knew more about the bike, particularly how long and how expensive the repairs would be. The bad news is though that it doesn’t look like Pam and Brent will be able to continue on to New Orleans.

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