9/11 Memorial Ride

On September 9th, William “Cryovac” Perley will be appearing on Good Morning America as a representative of the NYC HOG chapter to talk about the now annual midnight ride and wreath laying in honor of the tragedy on 9/11/2001 at the World Trade Center in New York City:

“Well it’s not an official HOG event, but the ride assembles at the dealership and leaves around 11pm Sept 10th. Besides our own crew, we expect a lot of bikes this year. We will probably tie up traffic and ruffle the feathers of the cages in mid-town and below, but that’s what it is. We gather at Ground Zero and hang a wreath on the memorial there. It’s been a yearly thing since 2002. All I know about the Good Morning America thing is that they asked the chapter if we would show up at their studio on 57th St. at 6:45 9/9 to talk about the ride to Ground Zero. They want a story and visuals. Bikers are always able to provide that. We’re a little wary because the “parade” is not officially sanctioned by the city. Past years, however, the police have been tolerant of us. Who knows this year”

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