Day 13- Back on the trail with the Sobohobos

Sept. 23rd; 6 miles

A lot of waiting today, but I finally met up with my friends from the Appalachian Trail and the group they’ve been hiking with.

After waking up and coming from behind the store at around 9:30, I saw a guy coming from his car. He looked at me and asked, “Are you hiking with the Sobohobos?” I told him that I sort of was and explained the situation. Turns out he was a friend of BR’s through work, and had come with some snacks and supplies for the group and to ferry people to the store. So he offered me some donuts and fried chicken and we chatted as we waited for them to show up.

BR had told his friend, Keith, they’d be there between 10 and 11, but it took a bit longer. Keith waited by the trail and I hung out at the store with some new thru-hikers, Two-step, Ace, Ninja, and Happy Feet.

Finally, by 3:30 the Sobohobos had shown up. Besides the core 4 that I knew, BR, Steiner, Moosey, and Gangles, there was Bigfoot, Grinder, Swiss Miss, and T-bone. So we all hung out for a while, chatting as they resupplied on food. Despite the rain starting up again today, after a 2 day break, with my feet callosed and body feeling strong again (not to mention being dry), I was ready to get back on the trail.

So at about 5:30, we headed down the trail, about 6 miles. We hiked a bit in the dark, but at least it was nothing like on Knife Edge. Tomorrow, about 24 miles down the trail, apparently BR has another friend who will be picking us all up and hosting us for the night.

So finally, after nearly 2 weeks on the trail, I’m hiking with the Sobohobos again!

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