Day 14 (cont.) into Portland

Mile 4933 (almost 5k!)

Last night I didn’t get into Portalnd until late. The guys at the Harley-Davidson dealership weren’t done working on the bike until about 4 o’clock. Luckily though, Eowyn was running great again, other than a slightly stiff front fork, and they even cleaned the bike! Perfect for putting it in storage for a month.

I left 101 earlier than planned to get to Portland faster and took rt. 126 East to I-5 This was actually a really nice ride, which I was glad to get in with the bike in working order before putting her in storage.

When I made it in, I finally got to meet the “trail angel” family that had so kindly offered to let me store my bike in their garage for a month. Their son, “Splints,” had been thru-hiking the PCT (a 2,600 mile long trail that runs from Mexico to Canada through the Rockies) and just gotten off for a week to recover from injury. He had been hiking with his brother, “Farmboy,” who was still on the trail. It just so happened that Splints was ready to get back on the trail and join back up with his brother the same day I was going back on. So not only did I have a place for my bike, but, bright and early, at 5:30am, we’d be driving to Timberline Lodge to hit the trail with their dad as well, who would be hiking with us for the weekend.

So with the parking of the bike and the packing of my Gregory frame pack, I’ll be shedding the name Buck, and for the next month, re-adopting my trail-name: Heehaw.

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