Day 15: Great trail angel, nice weather, and great views

After our amazing breakfast and packing up, we all got back in the car. We had some last minute stuff to pick up as some people went to a Fred Meyers and Big foot and I went to a running store ( I needed some superfeet because I’d been having some foot problems and wanted to change things a little to see if it would help, superfeet providing some stronger support). Afterwards, Jon took us all to an amazing burger place for burgers and shakes.

On the drive back up to the pass, there was a bit of a scary moment when traffic got stopped suddenly. When we finally drove by and got to see what happened, we could see what happened, we could see what looked like an H-D Ultra Classic, surrounded by emergency vehicles, including an ambulance. Then we noticed a guy in a stretcher, with a neck brace on and the bottom part of his jeans cut off by the paramedics. Given that only a couple of weeks before, I had just gone off the road, it kind of hit home to see a biker laid out like that…

Soon we were back up at Chinook Pass. The weather was perfect, and since it was a Saturday, there were a lot of weekend hikers out. Since we got such a late start, we only did about 11 miles. It was kind of nice though as this was the first night in a week and a half that I was setting up camp before dark, under a clear sky. To top it off, Grinder built a great fire that we all cooked and hung out by until about 10 o’clock when it was time to get to sleep and get ready for our planned 30 tomorrow

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