Day 17: Bodies on the edge, hiking into Snoqualamie, WA

Second 30 mile day in a row, and it seems as if it broke down pretty much the whole group. It’s not easy to put your body through that kind of intense, prolonged stress. So after 60 miles in 2 days, all the aches and pins really start to set in and intensify.

On the plus side though the weather held out for the most part, and even though the sun never really came from out behind the clouds and it was incredibly humid, at least it never rained on us. (Apparently, while in the Northwest we were in the middle of one of the most humid days on record, in the southern California, they had been experiencing one of the hottest days on record!) It’s also quite a good feeling, I think, despite the bruising your body feels at the end of the day, to look back and say I was able to do those kinds of miles. I will most likely have to get a new pair of shoes however, because my feet, still getting used to the trail and not great shoes, got completely torn up yesterday, particularly around my achilles with old blisters ripped, new ones forming, and the area completely swollen and tender.

Tomorrow will be a day to relax, re-energize, and resupply then hike a short day out.

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