Day Five: on PCT

September 15th; Mileage and camp spot unknown

I havent really seen anyone for over a day now so I havent’ had much of a chance to check a map (I not having any of course), which means I’m not quite sure how far I’ve gone. I passed the place I was thinking of stopping a little early so decided to press on.

Got my first bit of rain today. Nothing too bad, mainly just a light drizzle, but it’s the first time my single walled Tarp Tent will be rain tested, so I hope it works out. I’ve also been warned that I should expect a lot of rain for this portion of the PCT (and possibly even some snow). So even though it’s also supposed to be one of the, if not the, most beautiful section of the trail, I’ve been a little nervous.

Well, without a guide or maps, I’m curious to see what’s next. The Sobohobos should catch up by tomorrow, and I’ve also heard that somewhere up ahead there’s a place to get a ride to a Zen Buddhist Temple that provides lodging, food, and even first-aid care, so I definitely hope I can check that out!

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