Day Four Cascade Locks to Rocks Creek

September 14th; Approx. 14 miles

Woke up early today, around 6:30, to finish organizing my stuff, pack up, and head to a local diner, “The Charburger,” to meet up with some of the other hikers for breakfast.

After my Country Omelette with hashbrowns and biscuits, I headed across “The Bridge of the Gods” into Washington State. Luckily, other than some left-over soreness and some pretty gnarly blisters on my feet, I was feeling good and made good time. I even got to have a great tuna lunch and nap in the middle of a small meadow up on top of a ridge overlooking the Columbia River.

I stopped myself early, around 5:15, reminding myself that I was waiting for my friends and it would be better for my body to recover and adjust if I took it easy. Even so, I got some good miles behind me and was still feeling good.

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