Day Fourteen: Coos Bay, OR to Portland, OR

Right now as I write this, I’m sitting in the waiting area at the Coos Bay Rt 101 Harley dealership as my bike gets worked on. Turns out I was pretty lucky I even got here. Still, I should actually be able to make it to Portland tonight and the be on the trail by tomorrow morning.

I drove the bike over to the dealership from my motel bright and early to see what could be done, and by now the wobble was really bad. I certainly wouldn’t be able to drive it even out of town, which started to get me thinking about buses to Portland.

The head of the service department arrived just after 8, I explained the problem, he took a look at it, pushed on the back and he knew straight away what was wrong. Quite a few of the spokes were loose in the rear tire. This was causing the wobble as well as the irregular motor vibrations. He told me if they had spokes that fit (which they did), they could get it done in a couple hours and I’d be good to go.

After looking at my wheels, he also noted that my tires were just about done and would soon need to be replaced. This was something I was going to do during my service check up when I got to Portland, but it seemed prudent that since I’d be getting in late anyway, might as well just get it all done at once.

So I’ve been hanging out at the dealership all day catching up on stuff and doing some food shopping for the hike while I wait for the bike to be ready. Hopefully in another hour or two I’ll be back on my way, finish up my drive north, and then hiking from Timberline Lodge, OR by morning!

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