Day Nine and Ten: San Diego

September 5th-6th
Miles 0

It was time to take some time to recover as well as take advantage of the time to catch up on some things: laundry, exercise, emails, and phone calls. I had to make sure everything was arranged for me for when I got to Portland. So first thing was to call the Portland Harley dealership and make an appointment to get my bike serviced (I’ll have done about 5000+ miles by that point) and also to see if I could store the bike there for the month I was gone. They said it wouldn’t be a problem at most a small fee. Next was my ride to the trailhead from Portland. A couple days earlier, I got a call from my friend “Barrel Roll” (his trail name), one of the friends I’d be meeting to hike with, and he said he found someone in Portland who could take me. It turned out to be a hiker they met on the trail but had to get off because of injury. He would be going back on the same day I needed to get there to meet up with his brother and do some more hiking. So I had a place to leave my bike and a ride to the trail!

Then it was time to enjoy myself, and San Diego is a good place for that. Turns out there were labor day festivities going on and I may have enjoyed myself a little too much. Anyway, the next day when I woke up, I figured it would be best to take another day off and “recover.” So we took it easy, which included a pool party and barbecue at a friends place.

Gotta say though, after two days off, I’m definitely getting antsy to be hitting the road again, especially after seeing pictures of the road I’d be taking north!

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