Day Six: New Orleans to Palestine, TX

September 2nd
Miles 1600 to 2050

Well looks like I indeed did not make the 7 o’clock departure time that I had originally wanted to aim for. I did wake up at about 6:30 though to go to the bathroom but then thought that it would probably be safer to keep sleeping off the night before. When I finally did wake up, it was to one of the people who ran the hostel standing next to my bed because they didn’t know who checked me in and it was just about check out time. So I groggily got up and started scrambling to pack so that I could make it to my friend Bouie’s place, about 450 miles away in Palestine, Texas.

Paul, the Texan I had met the night before, and I had talked about maybe driving together for a while since we were going in generally the same direction, but he was still asleep. So I packed up and by about 12 I was on my way. The day before though I had checked my oil and saw that it was really low, so my first stop was going to be the local Harley dealership to pick up a quart. When I finally did find it near the French Quarter, I found that it was just a sort of Harley gift shop… so no oil. I started heading towards the highway then hoping to find a gas station that carried the 20w-50 oil I needed and luckily (I was terrified my engine was just going to seize up) found one right before getting on I-10.

So finally, by 1 o’clock I was on my way. The scenery continuing on through Louisiana, first west on I-10 then North on I-49, was nice. It was for a while more of the wetlands and bayous that you would associate with the area and then gradually turned into the type of rolling hills and forests that reminded me of back in the north east.

Well, eventually, by around 8:30, I made it to Palestine. It was certainly much later than I would have liked but at least I was able to see Bouie and meet his brand new wife for the first time as well. So we got to catch up for a while, and over some amazing enchiladas that they had cooked up! Bouie of course being a former Appalachian Trail thru-hiker with me knew exactly how to treat a traveler on the road!

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