Day Six: on PCT

September 16th; Approx. 26 miles

So it did indeed rain through the night and into the morning but my tent held out quite nicely. Not that it mattered since the wet and dry parts would all end up being stuffed in the same stuff sack.

Anyhow, the rain kept up most fo the day, though I later realized that it was more like a thick mist, because when I went in an area without tree cover, it stopped raining. This didn’t mean that my feet didn’t still get soaking wet though. Oh well, whadya gunna do?

I met a couple of other thru-hikers today, Thatch and Brazil Nut, and caught up with Hmmm, This gave me a chance to get a better idea where Iwas, and I found out that I should be able to get to the Zen Buddhist Monastary tomorrow.

A nice little surprise on a rain day was when we happened on some trail magic: a bucket of cookies, chocolates, and other treats left on the side of the road. Definitely helps to lift the spirits.

It was a bit tough to find a place to camp tonight, but I managed to find one little flat spot to set up my tent right off the trail. So I set everything up as quick as possible and cooked dinner in the vestibule of the tent to stay out of the rain

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