Day Three: Zero in Cascade Locks, OR

I did not have a great sleep last night. Rather than pass out as I would have liked, I kept waking up because I could feel my muscles stiffening up. To prevent this, I would keep waking up to change positions before they could cramp up or anything.

Nonetheless, I had nothing to wake up for and got to take it easy all day. Even though I never did find my group from yesterday, I did meet quite a few other thru-hikers: El Presidente (who had hiked with the Sobohobos for a while), Swope, Cheeseburger, Hmmmm, Cloudbuster, Turbo, Curly, Double Check, and Calorie (the last two being brothers and the youngest, Calorie, was only 16! But for a variety of reasons he had decided to call it a hike and head home).

Overall a good day. I got to satisfy my Root Beer cravings and plan out the next stretch of days. I found out that the Sobohobos (my friends from the Appalachian Trail who I had come out hiking to meet up with) were still two days behind, so I figured I’d do some shorter days out of Cascade Locks and wait for them to catch up rather than hang back another day and wait. So I planned out the next stretch, borrowing El Prez’s guide, bought what food I needed, and kept my fingers crossed that this limp would be gone by tomorrow.

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