Days 11 and 12: Recovering from my little adventure

September 21-22nd (Zero Miles)

Ended up taking two days off in Packwood, a double zero. I knew that my plan was going to at least be to wait for the sobohobos (my friends Barrel Roll, Steiner, and Moosecharmer who were hiking on the PCT) to get here, since seeing/hiking with them wasa  primary purpose of coming out here to hike at all, and in the meantime I could decide if I would continue on hiking or not.

I found out in the morning from the front desk at the motel that Barrel Roll (BR) had called the night before. He was in Trout Lake, which put him 2.5 days behind. I confirmed this when I was able to check my e-mail where he said they would be in White Pass the morning of the 23rd.

In terms of leaving the trail, I found that the next major town/road, about 100 miles away, could take me to Seattle, either by bus or hitch hiking. So I decided that my plan of action would be to wait for my friends, hike the next section with them and see how I felt after 100 more miles (and how the weather would hold up).

The other concern I would have to keep in mind would be timing. I still had to be able to drive across the north on my motorcycle before it got too cold, and I had a flight out of NY back to Beijing on November 2nd. The best course of action left to me was obviously just to play it by ear!

The 1st zero day in town was spent mainly drying stuff off and cleaning up. We had our 1st mostly clear day in a week, so Curly, Cloudbuster, Double Check, and I laid all our stuff out in the motel’s driveway to soak up the sun. The 3 of them had miles to make though and wouldn’t be taking any time off. So we exchanged information as I most likely wouldn’t be catching up with them as we approached the Canadian border.

After that, I moved to another hotel, more in the center of town and cheaper. It was very rustic and cozy, apparently being around since the 19th century. I spent the rest of the day relaxing with Thatch and Brazil Nut who were also zeroing (and later Hmmm who showed up in the afternoon), chatting eating, drinking, and watching TV.

For the second day, I did more inventorying of food and repairing/waterproofing of gear. I couldn’t really afford lodging for a 3rd night so I hitched back to the White Pass store and set up my tent behind it. I’ll spend the night here, excite to finally (hopefully see the sobohobos and actually be back on the trail. Only problem is that apparently I used up all the good weather with my zeros as there’s supposed to be rain again tomorrow.

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