Day Five: New Orleans

September 1st
Miles: 0

Took the day off today to explore new Orleans a little bit. Unfortunately I was never able to get together with my friend who lives in Baton Rouge, only an hour out of New Orleans. The hostel I managed to find though was really great, the AAE Bourbon House Mansion. It was quite big, the staff were very friendly and helpful (helped me store the bike in a little side alley as well as let me hang out during the day when I still wasn’t sure if I was going to spend another night), great location near a walmart and within walking distance to the French quarter, they also have two great common areas one with a computer and tv with free wifi and the other was an outdoor patio complete with a pool table, and best of all, free pancake breakfast in the morning!

As tends to happen at hostels, there were lots of 20 somethings staying there from all over the world. I had walked downtown and did some site seeing during the day and since I knew I wanted an early start the next day, was t really sure if I would go out. I ended up meeting some interesting people including a 28 year old guy who had just finished his final tour in Iraq with the army and was on his way back home to Texas as well as a 21 year old who had gotten kicked out of his home in Cleveland for growing pot plants and was now just traveling around the country. So anyway, after a couple of beers with my dinner, ended up going out on the town with the Texan and Russian girl also staying at the hostel. We walked to the French Quarter stopping in and having a drink at a bunch of bars along the way, which turned out to be a great way to see the nightlife even if it was on a Wednesday. Didn’t actually get to bed until about 5am as we got stranded on the other side of town where there were no cabs after ending up at a great local, hole in the wall type bar.

Needless to say, it didn’t not seem like I was going to be getting that early start I wanted, but still definitely worth it for a fun night.

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