Day 19: Making up Those Miles

September 29th; Approximately 22 miles

It’s always hard ringer a food stat or or town. We weren’t hiking until about 10:30 when normal it’s closer to 8. But we had soke miles to make up so we had to see what we could do.

There was a big 3,000 foot climb out of Snoqualmie Pass during which time we entered the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. This was another area, like Goat Rocks which I completely missed in the rain, that. Had heard a lot if great things about. So I was very thankful for the perfectly blue skies we had as well as die the fact thar we hadn’t hiked out he da before, when the cloud cover would have completely obscured the views. He terrain was spectacular. Once the trail had climbed on tip if the ridge we could see other ridges topped with craggy, sometimes snow covered peaks. Also, as the name of the area indicates, these ridges border huge valleys with crystal blue lakes in the centers of them. In addition to all this, as it’s now fall, much of the higher portions of the ridges were beginning to be covered in bright red, orange, and yellow shrubbery.

This made for some great hiking, but unfortunately the terrain was not easy. The ups were long and draining, and the downs were really rough on the joints particularly when it got rocky which started to re-aggravate my feet. With these two things, t didn’t seek like we’d get to camp before dark. So eventually we had to get out our headlamps. Grinder had actually gotten far ahead while Gangles was having her own foot problems which had caused her to fall behind so Steiner stopped at around 7 to wait for her. T-bone, not wanting to night hike, set up camp at the first place he could.

While hiking in the dark, Bigfoot, BR, Swiss, and I began to get the feeling were ok the wrong trail. Bigfoot’s GPS confirmed the suspicion, and so at the end of this long day, after some backtracking to find the trail again, we ended up adding about 1.6 miles to the day. Not the best, but we made it. Good news was that we had about the same mileage to cover tomorrow but with an earlier start, about 2 hours more to do them, and hopefully without he getting lost part.

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