Day 20: A Perfect Hiking Day

September 30th; 22 miles

Today was an absolutely perfect day of hiking, and it really reminded me, and I think everyone else, why we love doing this so much.

We had about the same amount of miles but 2 hours more to do them as yesterday and we’d try more carefully not to get lost. I took off first in the morning, around 8, til I got to the top of the 1st big climb, another 3,000 footer covered in about 6 miles. The weather was perfect and the views continued to be amazing. It was so nice in fact that after the climb, I took about an hour long break, relaxing at the top.

With so much extra time, we got to enjoy our breaks and never stress about miles. Bigfoot, Grinder, BR, Swiss, and I had lunch by a creek, and afterwards, at 3 o’clock, we only has 7 miles til camp, which meant… no night hiking!

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