Day 21: Going for a Swim, in October… In an Alpine Lake

October 1st; 22 miles

Today was a lot like yesterday, except that we probably milked the leisure time a little too much, taking plenty of long breaks. Even though we got into camp after dark, it was definitely worth it to enjoy the weather. It was so nice in fact that after a hot climb right after lunch, we all went for a swim in a lake. The water was freezing, and no one lasted much mire than a few seconds, but it was worth it, we felt clean (even if we really weren’t that much cleaner) and the sun dried us off in no time. It’s the unexpected breaks like these that can make you fall behind but they can also be the best because there’s usually a good reason for them, and what better one then for a quick dip in an alpine lake on the first day of October!

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