Day 22: The Dinsmore’s

October 2nd; Zero Miles

Sometimes there are trail angels that really go above and beyond, people who have essentially devoted their lives to thru-hikers. The Dinsmores in Baring, WA are perfect examples, and there license plates say it all: ” PCT Dad” and “PCT Mom.”

In the front law of their house they have a huge sign carved in wood that reads “The Dinsmores Hiker Haven,” behind their home they’ve got a big building used mainly for storage, garbage, and workshop space. They took us in to one of the sections towards the left where there was a huge shelf against the wall amongst all the clutter filled willed with packages they were holding for hikers. They let us pick up our stuff akdthen showed us to the hiker hostel area which was the farthest left compartment of this garage building.

The space foe hikers was perfect and with tons of space. In the far left corner was a tv surrounded by about 5 lazy boys in a semi-circle Bon the shelves below and on a couple walls was a massive collection of movies. In thie far right corner was a bunk bed and on the rig wall was a futon amd a computer with Internet.

After showing us around, the Dinsmores, a short, stocky but really friendly couple with the guy, Jerry, always with a cigar in his mouth, explained to us that we could grab some loaner clothes drouth shelves in the corner (cotton clothes! A huge luxury when you’re hiking) and showers were in the house, and we could leave dirty laundry bythe washer in the house to be taken care of. All or this was for only a suggested donation!

Needless to say, we all had a great stay. Across the street was. General store/restaurant/post office where we spent a lot of time (and money) eating a total of 3 meals. We were able to clean up, fill up on calories, watch plenty of movies, and catch up with other hikers.

Overall it was a nice break, but with a short day in and border getting close (less than 200 miles to Canada!), no time to stay too long, even if the forecast for the next couple days was calling for rain.

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