Day 27: Picture Perfect Town with Amazing Food

October 7th Stahekin, WA; 10 miles

Town day today! These are always great especially after a tough stretch. Aside from the opportunity for laundry, resupply, and rest they can also be great chances to mentally reset, and that’s what happened in Stahekin.

We left camp at 7 o’clock to hike the 5 miles to the trailhead before 9 when a shuttle would stop by headed for town. Probably one of the best parts or the day was the local bakery, and the shuttle made a stop there first on the way to town. As thru-hikers, we’re burning something around 6,000 calories a day, so we eat a lot, and after 4 days on the frail, food is foremost on the mind. There were 9 of us that walks in through the door, nearly stumbling over each other to get in, and as soon as we caught a whiff of all the freshly baked goods, there was an actual audible moan that came from our group. So we liked up and took the store by storm. I placed my order second and got a sticky bun as big as my face as well as a chocolate crumb coffee cake and am amazing bacon and cheese croissant washed down with a 20 oz latte. This on it’s own was enough to help me forget my mouse problems from the night before.

The consuming pretty much went on the rest of the day, with beer sodas and snacks, as we set about doing laundry, airing out gear, and resupplying food. The town was absolutely gorgeous too. It was completely remote with no cell reception and the only way to make calls was with a public satellite phone. He town itself was on a lake surrounded by massive cliffs and mountains, and all around the leaves were changing colors. It even had its own puddle jumper sitting at the dock!

The eating really hit a climax when the restaurant in town opened for lunch. Still full from all the pastries and various items we’d consumed since getting off the trail, the 5 of us guys tackled “the PCT thru hiker special,” a massive burger with 2 paddies, ham, bacon, egg, and cheese. Gotta stock up on those calories when you can!

The shuttle left back to the trail at 3, so after 1 more stop at the bakery, we hiked out 5 miles to a great campsite where we had a fire pit, bear box for food (take that mice!), and a privy. It was nice to have a nice day capped off with a relaxing night, and after all that eating, most of us didn’t even need dinner that night.

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