Days 28-29: The Last Stretch

October 8-9; 29+16 miles

This was the first full day of our last push to the end, 82 miles to the Canadian border and 90 to the end. The forecast didn’t look great however with rain starting later in the first day or at least by the night. So we figured it would be best to push some extra miles while the weather was still good. And it’s a good thing we did. The rain held off and the clouds even parted when we reaches a pass at the top of a climb to get some of our best views yet (pictures on their way!). We managed to finish only 30 minutes after dark too with enough time to relax and have a fire.

It’s really good we did push the 29 for that first day because in the middle of the night, the rain started and by morning it didn’t show any signs of letting off. After going over the miles before heading to sleep the night before, we worked out that we could do just a 16 mile day next, which, with our bodies in the condition they’re in now, is a very relaxing day.

So with the rain pounding down on our tents in the morning, we app lounged around cross talking between tents over breakfast before getting out on the trail by 10:30. BR, Grinder, and I managed to do the stretch with only one break (it was too cold and wet to do much more anyway) and the time passes quickly as we debated the semantics of the phrase, “a step in the right direction,” the feasibility of a large scale high speed rail system in the US, old school hip hop, and affirmative action.

We got into camp by 430, so plenty of time to set up and relax, but the rain started to really come down as we pitched camp, so it wasn’t long before we were all hunkered down in our tents. I managed to fill my time mainly by reading and eating (2 full meals back to back for me since I didn’t really have a full lunch, 1500-2000 calories in one sitting).

Tomorrow will be our last full day of hiking, 24 miles then only 17 to the end. Unfortunately though the rain is supposed to keep going, and I’m running out of dry things. We’ve all come this far though, and at this point, the only way out is forward!

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