“Laos on Two Wheels” in Forbes Life Magazine

I found this article recently in Forbes Life Magazine. It’s written by Finn Olaf-Jones, who occasionally writes for the magazine

The article has a bit of a weird writing style to it, which I think may partly be due to compressing such an incredible and different experience into a short column for a magazine. In his retelling, Olaf-Jones includes descriptions of the culture gap, the exotic foods, and then of course the adventures that come with site seeing from atop a motorcycle and the added element of being in a Southeast Asian country. These included what actually sounded like 2 very major accidents involving his companions. I think my favorite bit of the story is their using little 250cc motorcycles for the trip as it reminded me of my own experience riding a 125cc motorcycle in Yangshuo, China. It may have been a small bike, but in my opinion, there really is no better way to experience travel than from a motorcycle.

Check out the article here