Tip: Clean Melted Rubber from Exhaust Pipe

This is a useful tip for anyone who’s ever accidentally touched the rubber on their shoe, rain pants, or any other meltable material to their burning hot motorcycle pipes. I had actually done both my boots and rain pants as I wasn’t quite used to the location of the pipes on my new bike. At first, it seemed to be a real pain to get off, seemingly impossible actually but I eventually found out a neat, and very simple tip on how to get it off. All you need is some super fine steel wool, and that’s not just a hyperbole but look for the finest steel wool in your local hardware store. They’re measured with zeros, the more zeros, the finer the wool, #0000 being “super fine.” Then a little elbow grease as you work to scrub it off and you should be good. I recommend using gloves as you scrub as the steel can really get under your skin. The fineness will protect the chrome from being scraped up, but to really help the pipe look good as new (or to help clean up the scrapes from previous failed cleaning attempts… whoops!), pick up some chrome/metal polish. I bought Simichrome Polish by Happich which they say works for virtually any metal so pretty useful to have around anyway.

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