Moving to China and My New Tattoo

So I’m finally making the move over to China. After my two month trip around the US and then hanging around New York City for a month, my paperwork finally went through and on my to China where I’ll be living for the next couple years.

This or course doesn’t mean I’ll stop my side of the Rubber on Road contributions! I’m looking forward to starting the hunt for a new motorcycle in Beijing (though it will most likely be markably smaller than Eowyn, my HD Dyna Wide Glide which is sitting in storage while I’m away). So make sure to check in to read about buying and riding motorcycles in China while Brent keeps up with the North American side of things.

"I never get lost because I don't know where I'm going"

Also, to commemorate the amazing trip I had from August to October this year, I got a new tattoo. It’s my third and my biggest yet, on my shoulder. It was designed around the quote and motto of our site: “I never get lost because I don’t know where I’m going.” I worked with the artist to have it designed with a Lord of the Rings theme, using the elven script and the White Tree of Gondor as inspirations. It turned out to be particularly appropriate as I got it the day before leaving, 24 hours before I was on a plane to China ready to start the next stage of my life!

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